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The Alarm Group filmed my son’s overdose story last December, 2018 . This gives a living legacy to the drug epidemic that is ravaging our country.

It is hoped that these videos will put a face to the dying and serve as education to people in our communities such as doctors, paramedics, school children, universities, etc.

Ending this drug epidemic is paramount to the parents and family left behind. Ask any mother of a child lost to drugs what her mission is now. Most likely it’s to end the stigma of addiction and most importantly to prevent any other person or their family from suffering the consequences that we have.

Clint does all his taping and editing work without pay. His passion is huge and he uses some of the AA principles (integrity, humility, honesty, etc) to guide him as he continues to film more families throughout the country.

I support The Alarm Group’s mission because the only way to stop this scourge on our communities is to take it into our own hands and little by little stamp out this killer. Together we need to bring this problem into the light and we need people like Clint and The Alarm Group to help document what I believe will be looked at in history as one of the greatest health crises of our time.

Maureen Swiney Steven’s mom, forever 21

I lost my son to an overdose in 2014. Since then I have started a nonprofit called Dusty Roads. I have helped over 800 people to receive treatment. We talk in schools, prisons and for any organization that asks.  I met Clint of The ALARM GROUP several years ago when he came to my town to film our overdose Awareness event.  His videos are so touching that people ask me to invite him back every year. So when Clint and The ALARM GROUP asked me to gather people to tell their stories, I didn’t hesitate. Clint started filming at 9am and it was midnight before he was finished. The videos that he produced were absolutely beautiful. He had combined mIne and my sisters stories together. That video was viewed around 10,000 times. I have not reached that many people in the last 5yrs combined. The stigma and shame associated with addiction is killing people, they are to embarrassed to ask for help.  The only way to overcome that is through education and The ALARM GROUP does this with their videos. We have to prevent the next generation from even trying opioids. My wish is for every school to have access to these videos to show the students the risks and the outcome of drugs. Clint spends hours and hours editing these story’s and I can’t thank him enough. I know they made a difference in at least 2 people’s lives because they reached out to me and asked for help after watching our film.  The Alarm Group is awesome!
-Debbie Barnes Hallem