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A little about The ALARM GROUP
A Living Amends Resource Media Inc. , DBA The ALARM GROUP.

To amend means to make a change. We believe the epidemic proportion of the drug problem in the United States requires change, so we decided to act on creating the change we want to see.

We started interviewing and filming families who have lost loved ones to addiction, primarily to prescription opioids and heroin. We’ve seen the raw results of this plague and couldn’t sit on the sidelines. It seemed like everyone we talked to knew or was related to someone who had died of an overdose or complications of opioid drug use.

We had to do something. One thing that we do well is document stories, so this is what we set out to do. It became our mission.

Everyone knows how powerful personal stories can be. As we began to document heart-wrenching stories through visual media, we began to see the cathartic effects of telling the story, of seeing the personal effects on real people, and of allowing parents and friends to re-live through story the life of their son, daughter, friend, or cousin. In reliving the story, they bring to life for themselves and others the reality of lives lost, lives lived, pain, joy, sorrow and loss.

This has been a real education — not drug facts or signs or symptoms — It’s way too late for that.

These are stories that need to be heard, for the uninitiated public to see, feel and hear what the drug epidemic in America means in human terms. The cathartic value for the storyteller is important, but the experience for the viewer, who gets an unusually intimate and visceral connection to a personal story in a way other media cannot capture, is a call to action and a demand for change.

We have watched as one storyteller tells another and before long whole groups of mothers, aunts, uncles, fathers and friends have found us, wanting to tell their story, to help and be helped; to share the pain and to spread the word about what the drug epidemic means to people across all strata of our society.

Our scope can become national as these stories are being heard, by doctors, parents, counselors, schools, drug courts, police, probation departments, rehabs and others who need knowledge and information to help the addicts and families who still suffer. We hope to expand our ability to serve, and seek your help to do so.

We are a non-profit organization and exist by the generosity of those  who share our passion. If you can help with a story, a donation or a referral to a group that needs our help contact us at 312-788-0377 or thealarmgroupfoundation@gmail.com.

At the present time The ALARM GROUP is made up of a few people in recovery. We set out to document stories of families who survived the loss of someone in addiction. We expect in the future to be able to document some recovery stories to balance the overwhelming sad impression of people who tried and were taken by addiction.

There are plenty of stories out there of people in recovery and you can find them in various recovery groups such as A.A., N.A., C.A., H.A. etc.

There are recovery institutions and they should be looked at with care to see what their success rate is.

The people who are currently in The ALARM GROUP believe firmly that what was discovered for alcoholics; the alcoholic version of addiction, in the early 30’s still works in all new forms of addiction, and that is one addict helping another.  When several work together and try to recover, they not only help themselves, but they help each other;  the fact seems to be that helping each other is the driving force for staying in recovery themselves. The change from the addict’s everyday self centered focus to a focus on the problems and successes of a small recovery group can be life-changing. 

We do not have at this moment success stories recorded and documented, but you can find plenty of success stories as a person fighting addiction by getting into one of many organizations and not just listening but becoming a part of it. Hooking up with a friend and tying your recovery together. Helping him or her which helps you.

Non-profit 501C3

Non-profit 501C3